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Monmouth & Ocean County Youth Wellness Summit

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 –Brookdale Community College


WHAT is a Youth Wellness Summit?

The Youth Wellness Summit is a day-long event (7:30am-1:30pm) hosted by the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide and offered to students in Monmouth & Ocean County public and private high schools at no cost. The summit was specifically designed to provide students, school administrators and school support staff with the necessary resources needed to provide and support overall wellness, including the prevention of teen suicide and other upstream prevention measures. By engaging participants with a variety of activities, attending students will be able to develop positive coping strategies, increase their knowledge as it relates to overall wellness, and be provided with practical techniques that can be easily implemented in their individual learning environments.

The overall goal of the summit is to instill methods and practices for overall wellness and mental health and to enrich students’ lives by transforming and improving their ability to effectively problem solve, set goals, and increase their leadership skills. The summit will seek to motivate participants to return to their schools as positive role models and leaders and become partners in creating safe and fun places to learn.  All participants will receive a “Wellness Tool Kit” to share with their school community and will leave enthusiastic about making a difference in their schools and community!

Last year, SPTS offered the Youth Wellness Summit for Monmouth County Students, where almost 20 high schools attended. The day started with a powerful and interactive panel discussion between students and young adult survivor’s of suicide loss. Throughout the day, effective prevention and wellness techniques were presented on a variety of topics including presentations in coping skills including yoga and music, preparing for college and adult life, removing toxic friendships, and building self-confidence and effective communication skills. This year, SPTS Youth Council members will reflect on last year’s agenda and provide insight on important topics they would like additional help with.


WHO is invited to attend?

All Monmouth & Ocean County public and private high schools will be invited to select up to six (6) students, three sophomores and three juniors, to attend the event.  Additionally, schools will select two “Trusted Adults” or staff to attend. Admission is FREE. Each school will be responsible for transportation for its representatives and students.

Students selected for this event should represent a cross section of the student body, as opposed to students who typically volunteer or are selected because they excel scholastically or are heavily involved in extracurricular activities.  It is helpful to have students who are leaders within their social clique, so that they may carry the positive messaging back to their peer groups.  The “Trusted Adults” selected to represent your school may include your SAC, Guidance Staff, SRO, Coach, Teacher, Nurse, Food Service Staff….anyone in your school community who is most likely be approached by a student in need and is most likely to carry the messaging back to colleagues.


WHEN and WHERE is this event?

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Event begins with registration and breakfast at 7:30 am and concludes at 1:30 pm.

Brookdale Community College has generously donated use of their Student Life Center for the event.

765 Newman Springs Road, Middletown, NJ


WHO is hosting this event?

The 2017 Monmouth County Youth Wellness Summit is presented by the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide and its Youth Council.


 To register please contact Lorraine Seid in the SPTS Office

 lorraine@sptsusa.org or 732-410-7900!